Thursday, October 30, 2014

CTE EF 40% Regional Share Blog Introduction

At the October Regional Consortia meeting we began the discussion on how to allocate the 40% CTE Enhancement Funds Regional Share. We have started this blog for you to contribute your ideas and suggestions.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the LAOCRC team at

CTE EF 40% Regional Share Notes from CCCAOE

Questions and Comments from October 23, 2014 LAOCRC Meeting at CCCAOE

  • Some colleges did not address the needs of all their programs when applying for the 60% because they felt they had the opportunity to do that in the 40%.
  • How will we know that the CTE EF money was effective?  Completers or employed?
  • Align curriculum for portability- it is about collaboration in curriculum.  How do we align our programs and make them portable.  Southwest college supports this idea.
  • Could some collaboration be competitive? 
  • Will there be mini grants involved with collaboration or competitive?
  • What is best for the greater good?  Can we think of 1 or 2 projects that can be good for all the colleges?
  • We need to look at the regions needs and our student’s needs?  We need to step back and look it from 30,000 feet.  We need to seek out the knowledge of our DSNs and see where and what areas need the money.
  • SB1070 is discussing leveraging the money.  What about collaborating with the CPT grants.
  • Break each sector up and determine how to spend the money.
  • What if we divided the money up by the 8 sectors, and then the colleges jump on board for each sector?
  • What are the common needs in the industries and colleges?
  • Should we divide the money by sub-economy, and the colleges that are in that area work together on that?
  • Academic senate- regional training for faculty.
  • We need to think of a regional project that affects our largest community (Latinos).
  • How does the room currently feel about collaboration vs. competition? 5 are undecided, 20+ for collaboration,  5 are for competition